Friday, August 19, 2011

Belgian Nightcrawlers

We have had our Belgian's on sale for awhile and we've run out of worms to sell. We've got to keep the rest of what we have to replenish our stock over the winter. We have plenty of Red Wigglers though.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chickens and Green Beans

I can't get my green beans to grow :( My chickens keep getting in the garden boxes and they like the green bean leaves. Oh well, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, carrots and onions are doing well.

Grasshoppers are crazy horrible this year, although the chickens do love them! It's so funny to watch the girls (that's what we call our flock of 7 hens) chase the grasshoppers. There is one chicken that gets upset when another hen gets a grasshopper, she tries to take it away.

We are getting eggs almost every day from at least three of them. They lay little ones and big ones. The big ones have all been doubled yolked so far. I'm sure it will all even out eventually. It's pretty funny looking in the egg cartons.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

What a busy month!

I can't believe July is one day away from being over. It flew by. Chuck's been up to the Pioneer Park Farmer's Market every Saturday and has had a great summer so far. We have also changed the look and feel of our website Check it out! I have blogging capabilities from the new website, I'm debating whether to switch over. I might post in both places, just haven't decided yet.

Yesterday Chuck had to opportunity to be on the local Noon news. He did great and as soon as I can get the video online I will post it.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wow, our little garden

is doing so good. Just about everything we've planted is coming up. In our first box, we planted green beans, lettuce, carrots. They have all surfaced. In our second box (planted 4 days later) we have lettuce and radishes showing. We have a couple of tomatoes starting on those plants as well. Yes, we have casting on everything . . .what else would we use?

Monday, June 27, 2011

We have lettuce

We finally got our little garden planted. 1/2 last Thursday and the other 1/2 this morning. As I was watering what was planted last week, I found lettuce poking through the soil. I was soooo excited. The package said 7-10 days but it poked up on 4.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Farmer's Market Has Begun

This past Saturday was the opening day of the Salt Lake City Farmer's Market at historic Pioneer Park. Chuck and Makiya has a great time meeting up with our customers and providing them with worm castings and worm tea. We had a large number of orders for Red Wigglers as well. If you are wanting worms, feel free to give us a call (435)558-0826 by Wednesday proceeding the market you would like to pick the worms up at. We don't bring worms to the market unless they have specifically been ordered. This will help keep our worms healthy and happy.

For our customer's convenience, new this year at the market, we now take credit/debit cards right there at the market.

We are also in the process of updating our website to accept credit/debit cards without having to go through paypal. There will be a neat little shopping cart that we hope you fill up with our wonderful products. In the meantime, paypal is still available and we can also take your credit/debit card information over the phone. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Happy gardening!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting Ready

Well, it is time to start getting ready for the Salt Lake Pioneer Park Farmer's Market that starts in a few weeks. Harvesting and everything that goes along with that is going to fill the next two weeks at our place.